Monday, April 7, 2008

About The Ruffians

The Ancient and Illustrious Order of the Three Ruffians

'Always Secret. Always Shadowed. Always Hidden.'

The Rule of the Illustrious Order is one of Secrecy. To that end, Great Truths are often clothed in Mirth and hidden in the Uproarious and Precocious Attitude affected by any tried and true Ruffian of the Order.

Thus, the Ancient and Illustrious Order of the Three Ruffians does not exist. It has never existed. There are no Members. There is nothing to speak of, dispose of or even deny the existence of. The Ruffians are a Myth. We are Keyser Soze. We are the Usual Suspects indeed.
If we existed. Which we dont. Period.

Those Brothers and Fellows that recognize the 3 Ruffians from Ritual are invited to come to an understanding of the part these three scoundrels play in one's individual development. Once revealed, were they not Brothers? And so Brothers they remain.

Heed the Counsel of the Three Ruffians:

'Woe Is Me...
That my Thoughts were not Tempered.
That my Emotions were not Prudent.
That my Actions were not Just.
Oh God. Grant me Fortitude in my Hour of Despair.
That so Corrupt I have Been.
Righteous I Shall Become.'

And so YOU have made it This Far since embarking on that First Great Step. Carry the Temple in your Heart and Mind. Always walk about the Center and Know that Peace Thereon. Moreso than Always Seeking that Great Light; Rather, BE that Great Light upon this world, Reflecting Always those Immortal and Timeless Virtues of Truth.
- Brother Free.
Freestyle is an entrepreneur, developer and writer. Part Hunter Thompson and part Martin Luther, Brother Free enjoys rattling cages and shaking the tree of life now and then. Originally from Texas, he now resides in Missouri. He is a Master of the Royal Secret of the Scottish Rite (32') and a Companion of the Royal Arch and The Cryptic Rite and a Sir Knight of the Knight's Templar Commandery of the York Rite. He is also a Noble of the Mystic Shrine. Aka Brother Free.


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