Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Conspiracy of Ignorance

As the story goes, King Solomon, King Hiram of Tyre and Hiram Abiff elected to construct a series of labyrinthine chambers below the Temple to therein place the most sacred and Holy artifacts.
They hid them away as did Enoch before them.

What treasures then have men killed for century upon century? What secrets have sent armies to war and countless thousands, or even millions, to the stake to be burned alive?

Legend has it that the famed Knights Templar excavated those very chambers of King Solomon's Temple and brought to the light of the world the Holy treasures of antiquity. One can only speculate as to the nature of those treasures. But it wouldnt be long before the Templar were all but stamped out by the mighty hammer of the Roman Catholic Church. Still, they survived and secreted those ineffable jewels to safer...Lodgings.

There are many questions that are raised outside of Freemasonry, not the least of which is 'Is it a religion?' This question is always followed by the inevitable, 'Who is the God of Freemasonry?'I am quite certain that the Roman Catholic Church, in the time of the Inquisition, asked variations of these same questions to the tortured Templar Knights.

Secrets then, hidden away, have moved and motivated empires.

Ironically, the Face of God remains a Mystery. Religions disagree about it. Science cannot fathom it. It seems that only Philosophy may glimpse such Holy Relief. Those philosophies of Pythagorian Geometry and Math, Socratic Thought and Arisotlean Logic penetrate the veil.

There is a promise of the more direct experience, the Gnosis, of God within. Before Constantine's Council of Nicea creating his Universal or 'Catholic' Church, Gnostic seekers flourished in the world. And before they were ever called Gnostics, many of them were what we now understand to be Shamans.

In the book, Astrotheology and Shamanism, a kind of Cypher in the form of a Metaphorical Codex is revealed in the nature and history of religion. The religions themselves are seen as the Chambers in King Solomon's Temple. And for those Knights who delve into them, there are some surprising finds indeed. If you have the 'ears to hear and the eyes to see' then you should go looking too. But be prepared for controversy if you dare with an open mind.

There is a movie circulating on the web that is the subject of much of this kind of controversy. You can watch the movie in its entirety at The first part of it deals with Astrotheological perspectives. Of course, if you agree with any of them then you would have been burned at the stake a few hundred years ago. So you'd better keep it secret if you be on the safe side now.

Copernicus and Gallileo fearlessly looked into the Face of God on Earth (i.e. The Church) and defied that mere reflection, that haughty human vanity. They deemed that the True God lived elsewhere and His secrets were revealed in Nature.

To be clear, it is all too easy to raise Idols. But little choice have we that cannot live to look into that Glorious Face and come to a knowledge of It. Thus we look to the parts and search the Myths and Legends like roadmaps to Heaven. Christ said, 'The Kingdom of Heaven is Within.'The Greatest Treasure is not buried then under King Solomon's Temple and never was. Perhaps the roadmap was. But The Map is in the stars and in the stories.

That Map is in Nature.

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