Monday, April 14, 2008

Even Solomon Loses His Keys

For many, this post could be filed somewhere under Arcana. Some of the ideas are esoteric in the least. We Ruffians do not endeavor to wage war between Academia and Religion. Nay. Not us. Rather, we enjoy philosophical contemplation. There are too many bitter lines already inscribed on Temple floors and, as Freemasons, we know this is not the place for them. We draw our lines in the changing sands where we might see Forms revealed, if momentarily, before passing with the Tide of Time. This being said. It is time to take a brief look at the Lost Keys of Solomon.

Good King Solomon was reknowned in legend, and history perhaps, as the Wisest Man on Earth.
According to the Bible, this was the gift of God, bestowed Gratefully for love of David. It's a telling story for those who pay attention. What is the gift of wisdom? Some might even ask...what great truths did Solomon possess?

Most Freemasons, most of the planet for that matter, have no doubt learned that Dan Brown, the famed writer of 'Angels and Demons' and 'The DaVinci Code' is directing his considerable literary skills and unrivaled marketability to the subject of Freemasonry. His new work of fiction will spotlight many of the mysteries regarding Freemasonry in America and raise questions about the planning behind Washington D.C., among other things.

Other writers, many of them writing on the non fiction aspects of the Order's alledged secrets, have already addressed most of those 'secrets' in the multitudinous pages of a veritible library of books and blogs. In relation to Dan Brown's fictional effort, Freemasonic writer Robert Lomas offered his own ideas about Washington D.C. in his book, 'Turning the Solomon Key.'

What is in those pages? Theories. Lots of them.

Along with the books by Brown and Lomas, there are countless others bringing all manner of facts, theories and, in some cases, flat out lies to the masses. Quickly though, these 'Keys' of Solomon, this Arcane Wisdom (also known as the Perennial Philosophy) speaks of Gematria, Astrology, Geometry, Alchemy, and that ancient Philosophy that binds them all. In short, these Lost Keys represent age old beliefs, superstitions and lost sciences.

Dont get me wrong. I'm not saying none of it is true. I'd rather say, in fact, that while not all of these Keys open the right doors, many of them seem to be Skeleton Keys. They open many doors at once. They are Archetypes.

An Archetype is a First Form, a Blueprint. Joseph Campbell, the mythologist, and Carl Jung, the psychiatrist, both elaborated on the subject and demonstrated quite well how Archetypes could account for myth, religion and psyche. The 12 signs of the Zodiac, the Sephiroth of the Kabbalah are all Archetypes. Form follows Function and so symbols result. They perpetuate. They become Dawkin's memes and they reproduce like Coke and Pepsi. They make their way into the flesh, the DNA, and then they Are the Soul. Is that a thought in the mind of God?

Gematria reaches to the Form and Function of numerical symbolism. Astrology confers the Ancient Hermetic adage of 'As Above So Below' to the stars and earth and the workings thereof. Geometry is a science. And Alchemy is the early philosophical congress of science as well as symbolism.

Behind all of Solomon's Keys is God's Wisdom, the Wisdom that was so imparted to the Great King. It is the Wisdom of form and relation, of length and breadth, measure, square and circumference. It is the Wisdom of Freemasonry. And God resides as that Light Within, as T:.G:.A:.O:.T:.U:.

Any good medical school student knows theoretically that 'ontology recapitulates philology.' In essence, what is learned is developed upon as it is in the case of species change over time. The Universe, God, does not forget the stages. The question really needs to be asked whether the Function preceded the Form and continues to do so from that very first of beginnings. Pick up a copy of 'The Beginners Guide to Constructing the Universe' and you'll know what I'm talking about.

According to modern physics, nature is non-local. Things are not truly seperate. Things are connected. You can point out that you have an 'eye' or a 'finger' but it really isnt a piece of you. It is you. In fact, it is a 'progression' of Youness. Ultimately, and I say that with all seriousness, how far back that 'progression' goes and what that Archetypal Function may be is The Wisdom.

Perhaps Solomon's Keys are not lost at all. They are intrinsic to the order of things. We cannot see them because they are a part of us. And that tells us a great deal about our nature, Wisdom and God too. The symbols, however, we can see. We manage philosophies and sciences with them. Numbers relate forms and mathematical equations relate governing principles. Those principles make our world, and us, what we are.

I am reminded of myths, relating such principles; relating philosophy. But that is another subject.

Take a good look around and you might just find Solomon's Keys.

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