Friday, April 11, 2008

A Knight By Any Other Name

Who can resist the romantic allure wrought of lengendary tales of knights on gallant quests of bravery and valor? Such is the repast of our youth as we press the pages of Thomas Mallory's 'La Morte d Arthur' or Ivanhoe. And, even so, now come the modern knightly stories of 'Holy Blood and Holy Grail' or 'Born in Blood.' All of these tales, whether they be history or fiction (or a bit of both as such may be the case), make us all feel something deep within. They reach to and catalize a Spirit of Quest in seekers as such we brothers are.

The image is one of a lonely questing knight, perhaps Parsival, on the errant quest of his Apprentice Youth. This valiant innocent, this Tarot Fool, trods haphazardly into the most harrowing reaches of the world. And we go with him, seeking that Grail, whatever it may truly be. For we too are knights and we too share Parsival's Quest.

What awaits the questing knight? Is it the long lost secret that will restore the King, the Land? Is it Spiritual Power to heal or enlighten the soul? Is it a Regal bloodline, meticulously guarded for centuries? It is doubtful that it is any of these. And if, even it is, then perhaps the quest is misspent.

The Poor Fellow-Soldiers of Christ and of the Temple of Solomon, The Knights Templar as they are popularly known, were brought together to fight and die for an ideal. These great knights persevered through trial and inquisition and remain now, perhaps, in the rank and file of Freemasonry. But that great ideal, Parsival's Grail, what has become of it?

Today, the speculation on the nature of the Grail is endless and does not need to be elaborated upon here. A cup? The womb of Magdalene carrying Christs child? Treasure such as the Ark of the Covenant? These are but a few of the wild theories about the Great Reward awaiting the Questing Knight.

The Age of Chivalry is not quite dead...thank goodness. Knights were servants then, appointed by Kings and Royalty to preserve and protect the Land and the People. And the greatest of those served with Love at heart, be it for God or their long sought damsel in waiting.

We cannot forget that we, as men and women, are little different now than we were in those days of Chivalry. The only real differences lie in our attitudes, our modern vanities and our willingness to forget that not only is our past a part of our soul but that we are the modern edge of that sword. The point.

Thus, our duty remains the same to our personal God, our family, our fair maiden or husband, and to our Land and People. The Grail we have lost is this Force of Love and the Wisdom to apply it generously. Our hearts are not stone to be chipped away but Light to be shined upon All. Love for God. Love for Family. Love for Country. Love for All Mankind. This is the best of Quests to embark upon. Like all great quests it is difficult and often requires great personal sacrifice.

But it is worthy of a Knight.

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