Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Masonic Fu - The Black and Blue Lodge

Just a little side note for some of the Order's wandering Ruffians.
Masonic Master F and Master C will be offering the Orders Third Annual Installment of Masonic Fu. For those of you interested in honing more than your Masonic Proficiencies, the Masters will help you learn the Ways of the Fu Lodge.

Discover some of the Rarest and Greatest Mysteries of Masonic Fu:

- Yes! The 5 Perfect Points of Whupass!
- Yes! The Complete Apron System from Blue To Deadly Black!
- Yes! York Rite Style! Scottish Rite Style! Shrine Noble Style!
- Yes! Even Tyler Style! The Mastery of the Sword!

The Gloves Are Off. The Aprons Are On! Join us Ruffian Brothers.
The Black and Blue Lodge Awaits!!

Bow to Your Worshipful Master!

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