Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Pain In The Gas

We Ruffians are just as perturbed by the present state of the fuel economy as anyone else. Although I am sure that many of our fine Brothers overseas are used to paying exhorbitant amounts of money for gas, most of us in the States are finding clever ways to MacGyver baskets and saddlebags onto our bicycles just to make the morning office commute!

Gas is high, all across the country. And there is talk that the barrel prices could climb as high as $180.00 or more this summer. EEK. Already, consumers are paying blistering pump prices...all north of $3.50 per gallon. On the coast, it is $5.00 and up!

So why do we Ruffians care? What could this possibly have to do with Freemasonry? Why Everything of course. Real Masons are Patriots. And Real Masons stand up for their rights and especially the rights of others. Real Masons DO something about it. Face it, we threw a lot of tea overboard in Boston.

This is a topic that we need to be talking about, thinking about and, if possible, doing something about. Year after year the Oil companies make vast fortunes off our planet's, and our own, natural resources. Additionally, leading economists have demonstrated that in America alone there are hundreds of years worth of petroleum left. Who is going to drive a car in One hundred years let alone five or six? Won't we be flying around like the Jetsons then!? One would hope our technological frontiers have not met with a stone wall.

The fuel economy is killing our market economy. People simply don't have the money to spend that they did. And it is only getting worse. The dollar is breaking down in the face of a world economic system that is simply not getting the job done for America.

And it is all happening because the sheep sit tight in their pasture all too worried about the wolves and all too powerless to do anything to stop them.

The Oil companies need a wake up call. America needs a wake up call. The Free World has gone Corporate while the Free Man has been dozing on his sofa watching reruns. I think it's time we borrow a line from the movie 'Network' and shout out our windows...

"I'm Mad as Hell! And I'm Not Going To Take it Anymore!"

Remember. Freemasons are Citizens of the World. And we are firstly...Free Born. If we want to keep it that way we need to stick together and do whatever we can. We need to take notice. Wal-Mart is huge...but it's a mindless corporate dragon. Exxon is huge...another dragon. Freemasonry is Big too...only we're a bunch of free thinking Knights. Think about it.

Our sponsor has some interesting ideas too. Check it out!


Justa Mason said...

I'm shocked, shocked, I say, to read how you propose environmentally-friendly measures like using fewer fossil fuels, but advocate the environmentally-unfriendly act of dumping nasty pollutants into the water—namely tea. Shocking!!!

I personally don't drive as I'm ten minutes from work by bike which translates to 20 minutes by car, considering all the traffic and lack of parking. Thus, I save money on car insurance, repairs and gas and spend it on Lodge dues and a beer after the meeting.

Justa Mason

P.S.: I stumbled on your blog and see you've linked to mine so I have done the same.

Freestyle said...

We Ruffians are certainly the worst of hypocrites. Indeed, we 'Tead' in Boston Harbor. How truly crass of us!

I did suggest MacGyvering a basket and saddlebags to a bike for the morning commute. I see that you are already ahead of me on that.

My turn now. With these gas prices...who can afford a beer!?

PS. Thanks for the link. =)

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