Monday, April 7, 2008

The Ruffian Credo

Thus Follows the Credo of The Ancient and Illustrious Order of the Three Ruffians.This to be observed with the utmost of sobriety, conscience and fervor.

The Credo (Known Also As The 3 Great Reasons To Disband):

  1. When All of the Ruffians Are Dead. Disband.
  2. When All Souls Are Ruffian Souls. Disband.
  3. When The Lost Reason To Disband is Found. Disband.

Hail Hearty Brothers! Secrets well kept we have for a turn or thrice this day and whence we travelled from. Keep your tongues still, your hands at work, your tools well kept and your spirits free. There is Mystery afoot, moving hence from that first corner step and trodding forward into the Light of Understanding.

Have YOU not the Cabals for This Journey Brother? I ask thee.


Think on this then..

'In Chaos Conceiled, is Nature Revealed.
Such as the Light Meets Form
And Truths are seen in Shadows
Behold! The Singular Element.
Through prisms glass as 3.
3 Arcs, 3 Stars, 3 Laws.
All Shadows Be.
And One Truth...For Few Those Fellows.'

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