Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Support Our Troops!

The Ancient And Illustrious Order of the Three Ruffians wishes to encourage you or your Lodge to support the American Soldiers that are right now fighting in Afghanistan, Iraq and abroad as well as their families here at home.

One of the ways that you can do this is by sending a Care Package. offers a variety of pre prepared care packages that you can purchase to send to the troops or simply the military loved one you choose. offers a similar program.

In addition to the Care Packages, you might want to send a letter of thanks or written support. The website offers ways for you to do this. Please. Take some of your time and pass along your hope and good will.

The 3 Ruffians would like to Thank Brother T. Couch for bringing this to our attention.

1 comment:

Widow's Son said...

Brother Freestyle,

Oh how this touched my heart. My brother, we work together on alot of things. And it brings me great pleasure to support this program. Let me be the first person to testify, these packages that are sent to the troops, there not the greatest thing. But when your sitting a 10x10 tent with 4 other guys, with nothing to do but talk about the good old days, recieveing a package, with a thank you card, candy bar, maybe a cd,,,these men and women, fall apart. If you only knew the feeling they recieved, when they get that package.
So I challange each and every person, who might come to this page and read the about this program,.to take a step back, remeber what it felt like the last time you got a little recognition, for the hard work you put in. And then send your own "THANK YOU" package, to the men and women, who help keep us safe at night. and remind them that, the people do care, we do believe in the cause, and that we will forever support them.

Fraternally yours,

Widow's Son

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