Sunday, June 1, 2008

Building a Better America

"I Pledge Allegiance to the Flag..."

There is a great deal of political spin going on these days. Pick up a newspaper, read a blog, leaf through a magazine or just watch television and you can't help but run across the modern tabloid fiasco that is the Presidential equivalent of Spain's running of the bulls.

As a Ruffian, I'll be the first to say that I don't care whether or not you've decided to vote for John McCain or Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama. Good for you. Voting is the first step to real democratic freedom! As far as any of that is concerned, it is my opinion that the issues are what should matter. I think we might as well just vote online with blind ballots, issue by issue, and see what we, as a people, come up with.

To hell with the rhetoric. To blazes with the political spin. And a good bite of the thumb to the Media Machine, Pundits, and Lobbyists that all stand to make money from our votes.

I'm a Freemason. I'm proud of that. And I'm even more proud to know that Freemasonry had a giant hand in assembling what is, ostensibly, the greatest of free and civilized countries, the United States of America. Don't get me wrong. I think very highly indeed of other countries in the world, perhaps your other country. I also cannot say that I agree with everything that America stands for in the modern age.

Things have changed since the beginning when Brother George Washington laid the corner stone of his great Nation. Some of these things have changed for the better and some have changed for the worse.

Still, America is a great nation. Yes, the Constitution has been amended. The Laws of the Land have been altered to reflect the evolution of the American Society. But the United States, with all of its flaws, is the child of a group of bold and brilliant dreamers, men who believed in a better way to live.

Whatever side you are on when it comes to being a Democrat, Republican, Libertarian - Pro War, Anti-War ... If you are a Freemason you know that the first call is to be a Patriot. And being a Patriot means that you hold true and fast to the Ideal that your Nation represents.

Do you remember what the Ideal of the United States of America was as our forefathers imagined it to be...before the rhetoric...before the spin? As a Freemason, you surely know the Ideals of the Order. We look to God for Light and trust in the Angels of Faith, Hope and Charity to guide us. We remember Temperance and Fortitude and know well the value of Honor and Truth. We all share the Freedom to seek that Divine Light in our own manner. And we believe that with hard work comes reward. We can trust our Brothers and we know that we are all equals in our Lodge of Master Masons.

And lest we not forget that we admit, with patience, only men of Moral Character. Still, we want to believe in all men. We are willing to give relief to those that need it as well as to our Brothers.

We know there is potential in man. For God deigned to lay the corner stone of life in each man. Thus, in each man we can be certain of a temple waiting to be raised to greatness.

And this is true, as well, of the United States of America.

The Freemasonic American Dream is in Our Hands now Brothers. The past means nothing. It is over. Only the present matters. And we are now the Forefathers of the Future of America. It is our Masonic Ideal. It is our experiment. It is up to us.

Many...many great Brothers have sacrificed their lives for the American Dream. Now, all too many men idly blink their eyes amidst the rain of rhetoric and political spin. It is easier to simply settle for anger and frustration than to actually Do anything about it. It is easier to point fingers, lay blame and give up. But this is not the Masonic way. And this is not George Washington's way.

Brother George said it best... "For men have Virtue to withstand the Highest Bidder."

Masons are men of Virtue are we not? We must not give up on this Country that our Brothers believed in. We are builders. Find your stone, perhaps rejected, and build the High Arch of Ideals again.

Build America.


2 BOWL CAIN said...

Those Freemasons mantra and way of Life was Libert, Equality and Fraternity!

Not a bad way to make a difference in society.

I do not need Faith.
I do not need Hope.
I do not need Charity.

I need Liberty.
I need Equality.
I want Fraternity.

America was built on Liberty, Equality and Fraternity.

Males who infiltrated our Fraternity who are afraid to RISK anything have turned it into a "charitable" organization to be vanilla/switzerland.

No religion or politics discussed in Lodge by masons?

How can anyone make a difference if we cannot discuss current events?

Sac up brothers

Freestyle said...

Bravo! Spoken like a true Ruffian Revolutionary!

Admittedly, there is still a great deal of pressure to conform to the current 'status quo' in the Order.

I definitely like your emboldened approach 2 Bowl. Where do men of free will go to discuss the lay of the land if not in lodge?

It almost seems to me that the modern lodge is the bar that the fellows go to after leaving the traditional lodge behind. Unless, of course, you're a Shriner, which explains something of the appeal there.

Sac up indeed. Good points 2 Bowl.

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