Thursday, August 7, 2008

Does Anybody Think Anymore?

A friend of mine works for one of the presidential candidates as a pollster. Basically, he makes phonecalls to random people throughout our great state and asks people details about their political affiliations.

Disturbingly, this friend relates that the vast majority of people dont give a damn about issues or details or anything of that nature. Most of them simply ask if a candidate is a Republican or a Democrat. They KISS (keep it short and simple) the political machine. A good political ad can work wonders on this sheep mentality. Buy the car because of the girl on the hood. Drink Lite beer because of the girl in the bikini and vote whatever...because.

Additionally, none of the voters are given an alternative to the two parties. There's not much middle ground when there is no money behind it.

I'd like to hear 'the people' debating the current political issues rather than the pundits over endless hours of talk show rhetoric. Could they do it? 'We the People' are supposed to run the country (assuming you are an American or living in a Democracy) but do 'We' know what we are doing at the wheel? Are 'We' paying attention?

Hey. On the off chance it might work...

Send me a thousand dollars because I said so. Bah! Bah!
If you think that's a stupid idea. Then good for you for thinking. But send me the money anyway! Please this time!


Kurt said...

I love your on our nation's current political state. I was contacted by a pollster a while ago, and blogged about it. You may find it interesting.

Freestyle said...

Thanks very much Kurt. I'll look that over. =)

2 BOWL CAIN said...

the elites preach power
not participation.

They preach control
not contribution.

They preach gratification of the ego
not the unglamorous duty of service to a larger whole.

and in the masonic world, that is why "introductions" are made to be a big deal..ego's......... control of you by "obligations"..not contributions to your cause..
and wield power as Grand Guys, not participation at the local levels.

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