Sunday, August 3, 2008

Greetings Brother,

This is my debut post here in the 3Ruffians multi-verse so I will do my best to not ruffle too many feathers, this time. I do have an observation, though, and I'll follow it up with a question. My observation is this:
Freemasonry through the ages has prospered and thrived best when it fulfilled a necessary function in the society of the time. Prior to the industrial revolution and the New Deal era fraternal organizations, and especially Freemasonry, served a very defined purpose in society. We helped men find jobs; we provided for those less fortunate; we educated the orphaned; we assisted the widowed; and we bettered ourselves. Laudable goals all.

But, most if not all of these societal benefits can be and are provided nowadays either by our government or by professional non-profit organizations. They can and do perform these functions better than we can. We can not and should not be in competition to help those in need. Certainly, if someone needs help and we are in the best position to provide it we can not turn them away, but perhaps our time, money and talents can be better utilized fulfilling an unfilled need in society. Which brings me to my question.

When you look around in the town in which you live; when you interact with your co-workers, family members, friends and associates; when you listen to the nightly news or read the daily paper what is not being provided? What do people need or want that they can not get from the government, from Salvation Army, or at the mall?

Freemasonry has redefined itself many times over the centuries, and it's time we did it again. Our society is suffering and the solutions are not going to come from Capitol Hill, or from the State Capitol Buildings, or from City Hall. They will come from "We the people."

As Freemasons we obligate ourselves to Brotherly Love, Relief, and Truth. Relief can come in many forms. It's time we consider the form of relief that our people need.

Fraternally yours,



2 BOWL CAIN said...

How about going back to the original creed of "Liberty, Equality and Fraternity".

Freemasonry used to stand for that, and seemed to effect the masses in a more positive manner.
Brotherly Love, Relief and Truth should fall under Fraternity and not have replaced Liberty and Equality.

Freemasonry was designed to heal the rift in society formed by the Church and Crown over the masses. Centuries of abuse by these two systems led to the organization of our Craft, to heal the psychological trauma caused by those abusive systems.

The 3 ruffians: Church, Crown and the Masses/Mob.
We as masons need to be more active in the seperation of church and state, our forebrothers died to secure that ideal, now religion and church dominate our society again. And it is infiltrated our fraternity. Too much Christ involved in our midst, and along with Christ and Christianity comes guilt and damnation and a need for salvation. More psychological BS.

oh well I rambled.
It is time to identify what the hell we stand for.
I for one am about Liberty, Equality and Fraternity as a masonic pursuit.

Relief from the state and church.

Freestyle said...

Thanks so much for your astute and timely observation Brother Lightheaded1. I have been looking forward to reading what you have to say. You are certainly a Ruffian thinker!

Lightheaded1 said...

Thanks Brother Freestyle,
It's an honor to contribute to your excellent blog. If you have any suggestions or recommendations please don't hesitate to let me know.

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