Friday, August 8, 2008

"The Purpose of Freemasonry"

In his just published book, "The Purpose of Freemasonry," noted Masonic scholar Stevan V. Nikolic of New York addresses the very questions we have been discussing here. While I have not yet read the book and can not review it there is a good article regarding it on PressRelease365. I'd be interested in the opinions of anyone who has read it.

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Freestyle said...

Thanks Brother! Deft worth the read!

2 BOWL CAIN said...

The Purpose of Freemasonry.....
depends on the time and place....

In the middle ages, when the Church of Rome reigned supreme over consciences of men, Masonry, proscribed by the Church, as it was afterwards excommunicated by Pope and King together, needed to require similar tests and trials(old school initiations before UGLE). For, during whole centuries, a word, the least indescretion, a gesture, was a death warrant. The Mitre and the Crown were then in league together against humanity. The Inquisition, reigning over the universal conscience in the gloomy shadow of Rome, and the Vatican classed Masons as Heretics, and dealt with them by the tender mercies of torture. THEN, the populace did not flock into the Masonic Temples, and buy the Degrees(one day classes) with so many shekels, as a means of safety and protection. To be a Mason THEN, was to expose one's self to certain danger. The existence of the entire Masonic body was involved in every initiation...

Oh, whats for dinner at the next Lodge meeting and how much do we owe the seceretay for his duties?
Oh, Brother SD, you did not introduce our dignitaries properly, do it again....
did we donate to a charity?
how much is the electric bill?
how many candidates do we have?
blah blah blah..
do not discuss politics or religions boys... UGLE won't like that.....

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