Wednesday, August 6, 2008

What To Do...What To Do......

I just read Brother Lightheaded1's astute observation of Masonry's role in society (Posted on Sunday, August 3rd) and Two Bowl Cain's comment on the post. They both bring up very relevant and fascinating points about modern Freemasonry. These points are timely indeed and I don't think they should be overlooked by any active Mason. Thus I encourage you all to read the post and give it some real thought.

Where exactly does Freemasonry fit into the modern world? I of course would argue, as many Masons would, that it contributes to character and morality. I have argued as much right here. More specifically, as Brother Lightheaded1 brings up, what makes Masonry any more useful than other institutions for private welfare and charity?

I think at that point of thought, Two Bowl Cain's comment certainly comes into play. He argues that Masonry was created to sidestep the hypocrisy of the Church and State, two institutions that - at the time - were more eager to beat the people down than to raise them up. It's definitely questionable as to how much, if at all, these institutions have changed over time for the good. Perhaps then, the relevance of Masonry remains in providing avenues of Free thinking to people outside of the socially accepted norm. But is this the only difference?

I recently heard a story about a very nice Mason I know telling another Mason that you cannot be a Pagan and a Mason. He insisted that Masonry was founded upon the Jewish and Christian God alone. This is interesting to me. Certainly the Templar influences on Masonry were Christian. Still, the Templar were in the midst of heinous persecutions brought about by the Church and the State. As they were all excommunicated they no doubt had their own questions about the idea of God that their torturers maintained.

I personally think that Freemasonry is outstanding because of its tolerance. God is Light, not a name, not a region, not a holy book and certainly not a particular dogma. I like to think that God is God. There are lots of foreign words for tables after all...and they are all still tables.

Freemasonry is being diluted perhaps as government institutions take the lead on charitable works and in providing aid to those in need and even simple services. So too is it being molded into personal images of particular Masons and within particular regions. There you are...the State and the Church.

In my opinion Masonry must stand apart from both Church and State as Two Bowl says. This is not to say that either institution is inherently evil. Both, however, are human institutions relegating the behavior of men through the rule of law. Freemasonry relegates the behavior of men through the rule of ethics. The Church was intended once to do as much but without the true seperation of Church and State such a thing becomes impossible. Freedom is the ultimate ethic so long as it is recognized for all. And that takes tolerance.

Maybe we Masons should bring less into the Order from the outside and,instead, bring more from the Order to the outside. From what I see culturally and politically, I think that our great institutions are in need of an overhaul.

Should we really leave the work upto the cowans and eavesdroppers? Let's get out there again and show others what the Light is like. Whatever your religion or affiliation there is so much you can do remembering the tenents of Freemasonry.


2 BOWL CAIN said...

pagan, atheist, deist, agnostic, gnostic, jew, islam, christianity, etc...... need not matter to a Free-mason.

Making sure our fellow citizens still have Liberty, Equality and Fraternity should be our battle cry!

What did the masons of America and Europe put their lives on the line for? Brotherly Love, Relief and Truth? Does not seem worthy of Papl Bulls and Inquisitions.

What was masonry teaching and practicing to make Crowns and Churches underwear bunch up?

That is the Lost Secret of a Master Mason that has been murdered by the 3 ruffians, buried and hoped that no future generations find the Truth.

It is still out there my Brothers.
The Real Secret of Masonry, and it will not be found unless you really want it and know where to look!

Good luck searching.....

Freemasonry should gather that which has been scattered as well, and that can be anything....

Oh yeah, it should also be the duty of a mason to stamp out tyranny in any form. Period.
even within ones own org...

Freestyle said...

Wow. You always have such great input Two Bowl. You're a Real Ruffian...of the good sort!!

Seriously. I totally agree here with what you have to say.

Liberty. Equality. And Fraternity.

It's certainly worth working for. A good many men and women have lost their lives fighting for it.

Freestyle said...
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2 BOWL CAIN said...


All the little niceties of our present nasonry fall under Fraternity. Easy enough.

But, taking a stand, and fighting for all mankind's opportunity for Liberty and Equality is a noble cause.

open minds, not closed ones should describe our Fraternity..

Freestyle said...

A noble cause is only as good as it's noble action.

In light of violent action such as the Olympics etc, I much prefer the immovable grace of Gandi or the affecting words of Martin Luther King. Of course, the reformer, Martin Luther, made a stand simply by nailing some words up before the eyes of the world.


Would that minds were open and hearts as well. Compassion, non judgment....

Peace be to you all Brothers.

2 BOWL CAIN said...

The cell of the Martyr of Liberty is irradiated with a holy light; the dungeon of the Victim of Spiritual Despotism retains the traces of the consoling presence of the Spirit of TGAOTU!
So Mote It Be

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