Monday, November 10, 2008

Not Just Your Dad's Freemasonry.

Who does Freemasonry and all of its illustrious and profound Mysteries belong to? This is a question that needs answering once and for all.

First of all we must consider the forefathers and founders of Freemasonry. Perhaps, as some believe, these early Masons were Knights Templar, fleeing from the fires of King and Pope. Maybe they were only Rennaissance Guilds of stonemasons who chose to take a more speculative and philosophical view of their trade. Whatever the case, we Masons today owe a debt of gratitude to these men for creating the Fraternity that we adhere to as Brothers.

Certainly we must take into account men like George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, Albert Pike, Estienne Morin, Florence and Fleming... for these such men changed the very face of Freemasonry. And so very many others who have come before...

Next, we must turn to the Master Masons of the present hour...all of us Brothers who are the living representation of Masonry as it is today. Is Freemasonry not in our hands? Are we Fellows not the bodies and minds of the Order...the very expressions of this sublime Craft?
Indeed we are. Each and every Master Mason is, by his Obligation, the embodiment of that Grandmaster...fated lost to the Three Ruffians. And just as that Grandmaster trancends the Ruffian injustices, so too does the Craft transcend the weathering of each of us.

We Freemasons cannot fear and resist change. It is an axiom that change is the only constant in the Universe. Change is life. Therefore, the absolute resistance of change is death. We can only hope that young men, full of life and vigor, will pick up our Working Tools and apprentice our Craft. And we cannot deny that these men will be different than ourselves. The times will make them different...the culture and even their own experiences. Masonry too will have changed and what these men inherit from us will be unique in its own right.

We must not only then accept this attitudes and perspectives on the Order. We must encourage them. Masonry can still retain its moral and spiritual center...its grand virtues and mysteries. The spendor will not differ, nor the Path to it's True Light. It will simply take on the 'dress of the times' and endure in the accoutrements of those who express its most modern design.

Freemasonry belongs to no single man. It is an Abiding Spirit that, unlike man, is not fettered by the bonds of mortality. Freemasonry belongs to each successive generation that weds it. And so in each generation it blossoms anew with renewed fragrance and aplomb.

For all of us today and to each generation hereafter...Masonry is ours.


Justa Mason said...

I can't see where any of the people you list had any influence at all on Freemasonry in my country.

Fear and resisting change is not a problem for some Masons. The problem is they can not agree on the answers to the questions "Change what?" "Change how?" "Who's going to do it?" So nothing happens. The end result is no different than if your Lodge is filled with the oldsters who don't want anything different at all.

Freestyle said...

Hey JM.

The inaction of so many is a very valid point. I think, once again, it is the manifestation of a conditioned resistance to real change. All too often we are content to rest easy and float on the raft of the status quo.

Why dont the older guys want anything different? Precisely because they are content with things as they are and dont perceive enough of a need to make those changes in light of the time and effort it might require.

Maybe we need to help answer the questions you raised of "Change what?" and "Change how?" with the answer that WE are gonna do it.

Son of the Light said...

Freemasonry is going to change, have no doubt about it. We are only as good as our leaders, in the last presidential campaign we got see up close and personal how individuals have the power to create change. Many of our brothers are ageing, but the baby boomers are stepping up, with this generation comes new ideas, One need only look at the web to see how we as brothers now use the internet as our mode of “traveling”. We have pod casts, blogs, web pages, the list goes on. Respectfully, we are changing now some just do not see it.

Freestyle said...

Thanks Son of the Light. I think you're right. Change is inevitable and from what I've heard from many of the Brothers all over the world...Freemasonry is in good hands.

Widow's Son said...

Well said Brother Freestyle!!

JM, you said, “your country," what country are you from. And second, I would like to exclaim that, we are masons from the USA, therefore, most of what is going to be published, and presented on the website, will be a little biased. It’s not that we don’t recognized that FM started in other countries and then came to ours last, just that we live here, and well…for our country, these amazing men did make a difference; they did set in place many things that are still implicated today.

However, and I’m sure I can speak on behalf of both the other two ruffians, I think it would be a great idea if you were to start writing or emailing, if there is anything that you would like to be discussed regarding Freemasonry or individual Freemasons in your country that have made an impact, or that you look up to as leaders in your part of the world.
Thanks again for your comment, it is always good to stimulate conversation, this is how we got to where we are today.

Freestyle said...

Justa writes a lot of stuff Brother Widow's Son! A Ruffian he is of the very first order!

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