Monday, November 3, 2008

Take a Leap of Faith! Vote!

Here is something from the 'News and Views of the 34th Masonic District of Missouri' that our Illustrious Brother Tim Couch KCCH had to share:

"Greetings Brothers,

I hope your day has been filled with fresh squeezed happiness and seasoned to taste.

Well, here we are about thirty-six hours away from what is probably the most important election some of us will have ever voted in. It seems appropriate that I should offer some last minute advice or words of wisdom as the clock ticks down to Tuesday.

I've been wracking my brain all day trying to come up with something that hasn't already been said by a thousand different people in a thousand different ways and you know what? I've got nothing. It's all been said.

If the seeming eternity of political commentary and the endless reams of political articles and the constant political bickering and the fluffy white campaign promises haven't done it for you by now, then nothing I can say is going to make a bit of difference. All that's left as far as the election goes is to cast your vote on Tuesday and then hope for the best.

What troubles me more than what will happen on Tuesday is what will not happen beginning on Wednesday. After the election is over and all the hoopla and the falderal have subsided, will we allow ourselves to simply go back to sleep as a nation or will we do what our founding fathers intended we should do from the beginning? We are not supposed to close our eyes and trust our government to do the right thing. We are supposed to monitor our government and insist they do the right thing. We are supposed to be active and informed citizens. We the people are supposed to control our government, not the other way around.

So cast your vote on Tuesday and hope for the best. But after the votes are all tallied and the victors are proclaimed, stay informed and stay involved and insist that your elected officials do right by you and by your family. We have the power but only if we are willing to stand up and use it. "

Bravo Brother Couch! That's the Ruffian Way!

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