Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Ruffian Masonic New Year's Resolutions.

1. We resolve to agree once and for all on the Worshipful Masters hat. And that Stetson has to go.

2. We will memorize more than our grocery list this year.

3. We will finally remove the shag carpet from the Temple floor.

4. We will throw out the leftovers and leave the 'Mystery Meat' to the Elks Club.

5. As soon as we figure it out for ourselves, we will reveal the secrets behind Hanger 18.

6. We will apologize to our wives for mumbling incoherently to ourselves between degrees.

7. We will agree to 'Party Like its 1799.'

8. We will open and close each lodge meeting on the same day.

9. We will stop allowing the Tyler to bring a 'Wii' to the Outer Door.

10. As a Resolution of Health in the New Year we will add a period of rigorous calisthenics to our meetings and degrees.

1 comment:

Justa Mason said...

Why bother with this resolution?

6. We will apologize to our wives for mumbling incoherently

Women married to non-Masons have the same problem.


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