Wednesday, May 6, 2009

My Journey to the Temple

I recently returned from a journey where I witnessed wondrous things. I labored in the quarries and learned the importance of purposeful labor, of being true to myself, of taking responsibility for my labors and giving credit where due. I traveled to the East where I learned to obey in order that I might rule. I rejoiced with my brethren at the completion of King Solomon's Temple and wondered at its splendor and beauty. I earned wages, paid homage, assumed obligations, acquired knowledge, and received more Light. I grieved for King Solomon and the destruction of his magnificent Temple; I wept for the Israelites in their captivity and rejoiced in their liberation. I labored in the rebuilding of the Temple and at long last I knelt with my brethren and received the lost Word.

I journeyed back in time and walked arm in arm with the Builder; I learned the blessing of being useful, the importance of preservation and the reward of patience. I descended beneath the Temple where I stood witness to the execution of Ahishar and understood the necessity of constant watchfulness. I saw the chosen working in silence to prepare and ensure that which has value for future generations. I shuddered as King Zedekiah learned the answer to his own riddle of Jeremiah, and I recognized the lessons of loyalty and fidelity.

I journeyed on to Babylon whereupon debate ensued. Which is stronger the King did ask - wine, woman, or king? "Truth," I cried, "is stronger than all," and for this was granted freedom. My pilgrimage was far from done. I needed a Mediterranean Pass and for this I turned to Malta. When at last I arrived on gleaming shores my journey had only begun. For seven years I prepared as pilgrim, warrior, and penitent. And then, at long last, myself deemed worthy, my journey at its end and another to begin, I knelt and was risen a Knight of the Temple.

I could not begin to describe the journey to becoming a Knight Templar. The lessons, symbols, steps, signs, words are all still very fresh and elusive as if in a dream you want to keep dreaming until it all makes sense. The ritual is beautiful and impressive and provocative and intriguing. This is a journey worth taking and one which I sincerely recommend.

Fraternally yours,


1 comment:

Freestyle said...

Congratulations Sir Knight!

And well said once again Brother. I regret that I was not alongside you in your journey.

But know this Brother...I was with you in Spirit as I always will be.

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