Thursday, June 11, 2009

The Glass Utopia

What kind of a real difference can any one man, or any one organization make today? If you look closely...if you really examine the underpinnings of our modern society, then you see a veritable bedrock of institutions, ideologies and human behaviors. Whether it is the monetary system that forces men to labor under the menace of debt, or it is the social substructure of familial and peer expectations, men are chained to an established order. And it is an order that is failing them.

More than half the world is in poverty. The plenty of many is stolen by the the few. Backs break over thankless labors. Hatred of race, creed, nation abounds. Immorality spreads like a disease and we raise false corporate idols in lieu of sharing our wealth amongst brothers. The planet gasps for breath and chafes under nuclear firestorms.

From birth, we are systematically defined by our instilled patterns, knowledge, beliefs and conditionings. Our parents, our peers, our churches, our schools, and our work...all become a part of who we think we are, or should be. On a larger scale, most of us hold fast to our nations and to those governing laws that we assent to. But are we happy? Do we feel safe?

Liberty. Equality. Fraternity. These are not dead old words. This is not a stale call that once rang out and now only serves to invoke our sense of tradition. These are the words of revolution. And their meaning and their intent endure as much today as they will in a thousand years should man be not free, equal or one with his fellows.

There is a great deal wrong with our modern society, our national ethics and what we call our 'civilized' world. Money and profit are too often the masters and now every nation cries out in debt and despair for there is too much corruption in the mix with this system. And it is the people who suffer for it.

Yet money is not the root of all evil. More to the point is human nature itself. We compete for mates, for resources and for shelter or land. It is in our nature to survive. Even a cursory glance at nature will reveal the fighting stags or the territorial male lions and the dire results should they cross paths.

One solution is to expand the availability of resources to all. After all, the world is prosperous beyond measure. There is an abundance of food and natural energy. And in the hands of a small percentage of corporations and the rich there is enough money to see to it that all men have enough. Still, whatever would compel men to resist greed, profiteering and power for the good of his brothers?

Liberty. Equality. Fraternity. No idle words.

Can one man or one organization make a difference in a Country or in the World? Surely, we as Freemasons can support the needs of our families and work to support the needs of our communities. But are we still revolutionaries at heart...capable of carrying out the dictates of our many oaths and obligations?

Indeed, why are other 'movements' leading the way today for the betterment of mankind or social change while Freemasons content themselves to pass their degrees and see their friends at lodge now and then. Freemasonry is an already established network of like minded who know values, who believe in ethics and who believe in the rights and freedoms of all men. And of those underlying savage natural behaviors and passions? Masons seek to subdue them, to master and civilize those intemperant throwbacks that now threaten the vine from the very root.

We live in an emergent, interdependent world. Change is the great inherent truth. Any 'movement' can be a sweeping arc of action, an interminable force taking hold in hearts and minds. Where do we stow our Masonic principles if not the heart...if not the mind?

I believe one man can make a difference. I recall Abraham Lincoln, Alexander the Great. And I believe that an organization of such men can change the world. America alone owes a debt to such thinking. But it cannot end here or now. The revolution of hearts and minds must continue. It is fragile if not well carried and useless if left forgotten to old tomes and attics of memories.


2 BOWL CAIN said...
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2 BOWL CAIN said...

to Quote Brother Fraternitas: "Unless we return to some kind of standard our antique wisdom and ceremonies will not be taken seriously in a world where a college degree is increasingly regarded as little more than a high school diploma, and the skilled trades have all but disappeared.

If we are to be taken seriously again on the campuses, in the brigades and regiments, and at the bar we must cease throwing the doors of the Temple open to the masses.

Sovereignty must be returned to the Lodge by congregating men of industry and intelligence who refuse to admit any but those who are worthy and well qualified even as visitors. Good standing does not a Mason make, not in a day or in 50 years.

The future and survival of our Order and its method of teaching lies in a return to our traditions and heritage, our 'usages and customs' ...As the shamans of the old ways have been saying since the dawn of the 20th Cenury; "we must put ourselves back."

F:. R

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