Monday, December 6, 2010

The Craftsman

Can we brothers better our natures? Can we brothers improve ourselves in Freemasonry?

There are a good many self help systems out there. You can find 'Unlimited Power' through Tony Robbins. You can learn the 'Power of Intention' under the tutelage of Dr. Wayne Dyer. You could try manifesting and attracting your wealth, security and happiness via 'The Laws of Attraction.' Perhaps Kevin Trudeau has that 'Natural Cure' you've been looking for? Learn to see with 'The Teachings of Don Juan' by Carlos Castaneda. Allow Eckhart Tolle to show you 'A New Earth,' or Norman Vincent Peale to guide you with 'The Power of Positive Thinking.'

Religions are something like self help systems as well. Perhaps you can find your personal answer in one of them. Christianity sacrifices the ego. Judaism is an enlightened path. Islam submits man's will to a Higher Authority. Hinduism contains a rare beauty of ideas. Buddhism harnesses desires through compassion.

Are the answers there?

It really doesnt matter if there are answers in the myriad self help tomes and systems available to the general public. And here is not the place for religious discussions; beliefs all too subjective to the believers.

What Freemasons really want to know is whether or not Freemasonry actually 'can' help a man improve himself. Many Freemasons even want to know exactly how it can. Most Masons are seekers on the path. They have followed that first step with many after. But they want to the end...where that path is leading them.

Does the Masonic those steps up the ladder lead to the York Rite?; perhaps the Scottish Rite and Albert Pike's opus 'Morals and Dogma of the Scottish Rite?; or is it into those halls of fellowship and frivolity found in the Mystic Shrine?

I have followed the Path from its beginning in the Blue Lodge and continued my journey through each of these Masonic 'systems'. And so like Alice moving through the dreaming depths of Wonderland I have met brothers and friends along my travels and faced dangers, challenges and even an enemy or two.

We men who seek to learn to improve ourselves in Freemasonry must begin with the belief that Masonry is a system of ideas, symbols and even instructions. But we must go fearless onto that Path and begin first at the side of the Angel of Faith. Soon enough we will have Hope. And if we toil long enough...and learn well enough...perhaps we shall rectify ourselves at that higher plane where alone waits the Angel of Charity...Love.

If you are indeed a Freemason then you should already be aware that atop that stairway to heaven is the Light. And before that Light is the Angel of Charity...the Angel of Love. This is a symbol...the most profound of Masonic symbols. The author Ram Dass recently released his third book in his trilogy of enlightened works entitled 'Be Love Now.' Love is a state of Being he insists. It is the key to the true mastery of the self and the revelation of the infinite Light. Call that what you will.

Where have we many Masons misplaced our Brotherly Love? I have still found waiting daggers in the hands of Brothers. Men set foot on the Path and lose their way...discouraged because the Light is unclear to them for all the secrets we keep...even from ourselves. Unworthy men have set foot on that same True Path. These men did not come to that place to learn to improve themselves...these men only came to empower themselves. These men are brothers but to themselves.

Worthy Brothers, discarded Ruffians, keep your heads along the way...and Pay Attention! It is true that you will find what you are looking for. Certainly we Masons are all looking for brothers in the But Do Not take that first step of Freemasonry and shame yourself and your Order along the Path because you are content that Masonry is a means to a social end...or empowerment in business or something else.

Freemasonry is a Light in the Darkness. But so long have men clouded the way with their own preconceptions, desires and prejudices that you will likely find the Path a perilous one...with little reward for your undertaking.

If you are daring you will cast aside your preconceptions, remove the hoodwink and cable tow to stand at last on the edge of a yawning precipice. Your world, the self you were, lies behind you. The Angel of Faith awaits you and you must walk where the ground is uncertain...where the familiar is no more.

There are many answers for the true seeker in Freemasonry. How many Masons, too afraid, cast aside the teaching in 'Morals and Dogma'? How many Masons know the Order's teachings save the Lodge procedures and degree rituals?

So many brothers have I spoken with who were yet lost along the way and simply disgusted because they have learned to improve themselves only in fellowship. There is more...much more. But most either do not know, pay attention or dare to look into or apply those most relevant of Masonic teachings.

To learn to improve yourself in Freemasonry is not simply a call to learn the motions of the Order. It is an Oath to apply the teachings of the Order...teachings obscured because many Masons are afraid to face that most fearful of all things...themselves.

Wait in the chamber of reflection and look well at what you see. Mortal man, alone and weak enough before the tides of time and fate. The other Angel waiting...Death.

Are we not all rough ashlar, so like an unfinished cast out corner stone? Each day we live, our character is revealed as that coarseness is chipped away. What is the Image of the Man we will each find inside once we are finished? Man in the Image of God?...or simply so obscured by passions, jealousies, hatreds and small mindedness that what remains is too awful to look upon?

Masonry is artistry. It is a profession with tools and labors. And we are each the Craftsmen of our own likeness. In its teachings and through its admonishments, our works - and that final 'self portrait' - is often tried by that Great Architect. Only a worthy work...only an Image revealed at last beneath the ashlar to be as beautiful as the Original can stand before the Light.

Take up your work not without care then. Safeguard your tools and learn your Master's teachings well.

To make a Good Man a Better a Craft.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

From Darkness to Light

Many new Freemasons today complain that Freemasonry does not live up to the hype or its potential or to those supposed 'secrets' it is alledged to impart. Following their 3rd Degree initiation, a number of men feel they have simply joined a social order governed by antiquated and repetitive rituals along with weathered allegories, dogmas and moral platitudes. In short, men enter the lodge with hopes of learning something they couldnt learn anywhere else...and find they could have simply Googled it all...and saved themselves the time and the dues.

What's going on? And why arent the bodies of Freemasonry, particularly the Grand Lodges, paying more attention to this?

The problem lies in the true Lost Word of Freemasonry. Most Freemasons simply lack the knowledge of their own Order or resist its implications after they have labored to study it. How many men have read 'Morals and Dogma of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite'? How many men have poured over the massive Masonic libraries or the wisdom of the Lodge of Research?

I daresay very few indeed. If they had...they might realize that such wisdom, though perhaps readily accessible, cannot be simply processed with a keystroke query on an internet search engine.

Long ago, Freemasonry represented something of a quest. Great men of learning cast their very lives upon the shores of this quest and many of these men died to protect what they had learned against brutal despots and tyrannies. Today, most Masons all but flee from even the very idea of what they slander as 'esoteric' Masonry. For these men, it is enough that Freemasonry is a social order; a charitable institution; and, for many more, something of an honorable addendum to their own cherished religious beliefs.

This quote might surprise these men then...

"The purpose of Freemasonry is not charity nor is it a fraternal society. These are but attributes which have developed. The real purpose of Masonry is the eternal search for truth, the truth about God, and the immortality of the soul. The various degrees represent the different levels through which the human mind passes while moving from ignorance to knowledge. The collecting of all the symbols and mysteries throughout the ages is but man's search for the divine truth. As we say in our ritual, 'from darkness to light.'"
- Rt. Ex. William Adrian Brown (Grand Chapter of Royal Arch Masons of Virginia), 'Facts, Fables and Fantasies of Freemasonry.' Missouri Lodge of Research. 1968.

There are certain facts about Freemasonry that cannot be dismissed or denied. While academics and Masonic scholars argue incessantly as to Masonry's origins, one glaring reality stands steadfast under the aegis of the Light...Masonry is an esoteric society.

Indeed, as men utter the proficiencies and repeat the myriad of rituals of the Lodge and the Rites, how can it escape the reason of so many of them that Masonry has a purpose? It has a doctrine. And it does, after all, possess secrets for the worthy.

Quite to the contrary of many of the modern religious pundits influences upon the image of todays, and especially American, Freemasonry, Masonic teachings as they are presented in rituals and degrees owe their estimable beginnings to the ancient philosophical mystery schools; teachings of Jewish mystics and Kabbalists; neoplatonic idealists and renaissance thinkers; eastern and asian religions; and even world myth.

Within the Rites, the philosophies of Masonry seem to exist as a distillation of the ancient mystery teachings of those 'esoteric' societies that coexisted with the mainstream reigning theocracies of the day. And in those days, that 'dark age' of religion over reason, those very philosophies were anathema and forced into secrecy. Is it really so very different today? In some lodges one might be fearful to ask for any book but the Bible to be placed upon the altar though it is Freemasonry's primary dictum that it is open to those of all religious creeds. Perhaps the age is still a bit dark?

Albert Pike, the great Masonic writer, composed a virtual opus of Freemasonry in his 'Morals and Dogma'. But as much of it was a philosophical treatise on comparative religion, mystical studies and 'esoteric' sciences, this book is now casually passed off among the brothers as dense, obscure, difficult and simply in outdated for our more modern understanding of Masonry.

Modern understanding? Just who are we kidding here? Those ritual characters of Masonry are not modern men at all. These stories and truths are ancient. Solomon? Hiram Abif? With their inclusion, these are specifically Jewish stories. And are they understood at all? How many Masons are aware, for instance, that the name Solomon derives from 'Sol' and 'Amun' ... both names for the in Amun Ra. How many others realize the deep connection between Egyptian and Jewish mysticism? Maybe those of you familiar with the Scottish Rite degrees will recognize a bit of what I am mentioning here. But do you understand what it means to teach you?

At its heart, Masonry is philosophy. But it is also an arrow in flight. It has an aim. It possesses a purpose. This purpose of Freemasonry remains the purpose of the Egyptian priests, the Jewish mystics, the Buddhist teachers, the gnostic seekers, the pythagorean sages, the Greek philosophers, the sufis, the alchemists, the Rosicrucians...and the scientists.

Truth. Knowledge. These are well and fine. But truth without purpose and knowledge without aim are lackluster Promethian gifts from the sacred that have no need of an angel with a flaming sword to guard the gates. The first Tiler.

The aim of Masonry is to raise a man from darkness to light...from death to life. Knowledge alone does not suffice. A man must walk the way laid out before him.

Freemasonry is a map for those with 'ears to hear ... and eyes to see'. It is a revealing of the human condition, the meaning all men seek with their lives and the guideposts of those who have gone ahead of them.

To that end, where is Freemasonry leading us? Stories; Myths; Rituals; Histories; Methodologies? Masonry leads its seekers to the Light that lies beyond truth or knowledge in a passive state, though very few will reach so far.

All too many Freemasons endlessly repeat rituals they dare not deem to understand. These men content themselves with the darkness and the mere possibility of light beyond. They content themselves with their religions and stupify themselves with the fear that Masonry may indeed possess that forbidden fruit. Many fundamentalists, Masonic or otherwise, fear a certain 'craftiness' in the Craft and are wary of a serpent in Masonry's tree of knowledge.

And so, generation after generation, the 'Craft' erodes and devolves to better suit the comfortable beliefs of the men of the times. It is more palatable to some as an innocuous social fraternity...or a charity. God help the man who questions the blazing star.

The Center. The Light. The Great Architect. It is only a concept and certainly no idol. It is as blank as the white page, as bright as the suns rays. And virtually no man, Mason or otherwise, comprehends its mysteries.

Behold a man lost in the desert. If a stairway should descend from the very heavens above should he fear it? Should he study it? Or should he ascend upon its steps to what lies beyond? For is not the stairway alone a grace...and an invitation?

And so Freemasonry is an invitation. We are invited to understand ourselves, our place in the cosmos, our equality as men and, most importantly, our relation to nature and the Divine. The degrees themselves are metaphors and allegories whose teaching, like the parables of a spiritual teacher, can be revealed and yet kept secret for those who are truly prepared to understand them. They are acts of submission and of sacrifice. They are the stairs to be climbed. They are the path to be followed.

What one will find outside of his own search is simply interpretation. When a man resolves himself to the Center he will not find his own reflection there but the reflection of every other man so resolved. For the Light is the face of all men who at last recognize that Universal Point, that steadfast and unwavering foundation that all living men are raised upon.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Ruffian Resolution 2010

Fraternal Greetings and Happy New Year to all Fellow Ruffians!

Now that it is Officially 2010, it is time for us to look at ourselves 'squarely' in the mirror and take some stock of what we find there.

Are we as tolerant as Masonry urges us to be? Are we dutiful? Are we supportive of our Brothers? Do we endeavor to learn more about our Order and do we dare to look within and learn more about ourselves?

Indeed Brothers, I recommend that our Ruffian Manifesto must include a New Years Resolution to climb the stairway, walk the sands and travel to the East each and every day. It is not enough that we endeavor to "Make a Good Man a Better Man" because it is not a goal so much as an ongoing process.

This year remember to 'Be that Better Man', for your God, your Family, your Brothers...and Yourself.

Tend to the Light my Brothers. See that it shines Brightly in you.

Brother Free


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