Saturday, January 2, 2010

Ruffian Resolution 2010

Fraternal Greetings and Happy New Year to all Fellow Ruffians!

Now that it is Officially 2010, it is time for us to look at ourselves 'squarely' in the mirror and take some stock of what we find there.

Are we as tolerant as Masonry urges us to be? Are we dutiful? Are we supportive of our Brothers? Do we endeavor to learn more about our Order and do we dare to look within and learn more about ourselves?

Indeed Brothers, I recommend that our Ruffian Manifesto must include a New Years Resolution to climb the stairway, walk the sands and travel to the East each and every day. It is not enough that we endeavor to "Make a Good Man a Better Man" because it is not a goal so much as an ongoing process.

This year remember to 'Be that Better Man', for your God, your Family, your Brothers...and Yourself.

Tend to the Light my Brothers. See that it shines Brightly in you.

Brother Free


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