Sunday, October 20, 2013

The Usual Suspects

"It was customary for the members of initiate bodies to accept candidates of only exceptional distinction. In both Greece and Egypt, the disciples were tested as to their knowledge of the arts and sciences, particularly geometry, astronomy, and music. Initiation was an honor bestowed for unusual merit and integrity. The ancient rule holds good to this day in most occult schools."

-Manly P. Hall 

WHO are we recruiting?

WHY are we recruiting them?

WHAT are we recruiting them to do?

Membership in Freemasonry is no longer the exclusive privilege that it once was. Today, Masons across the world are struggling to answer the most basic questions of their own involvement with the Order. The Illustrious Craft is in danger of becoming naught more than a social club for would be elitists from all ranks of society and culture. Too often, the interest of new candidates lies more with their needs for self aggrandizement through group identification than with the search for answers or personal enlightenment. 

What is the motive for many of the new candidates in modern Freemasonry? How well do Masons truly understand their organization? Why are so many Masons afraid of the esoteric symbols and mysteries of their own Order? 

Perhaps these men should not be Masons at all. 

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adelasbo said...

The truth! Feelings are mutual

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